Kelly Boyd-Rivera


Founder and CEO

Kelly has over 12 years in the dental lab industry as an executive leader in sales and operations, has sat on many boards as an advisor, and has served as a consultant to many Private Equity organizations and Research organizations.

Her style of leadership can be defined as progressive, and she has demonstrated exceptional and consistent sales outperformance contributing to rapid, highly visible revenue and margin growth throughout her career.

With over a decade being spent in the dental lab industry, Kelly is no stranger to the importance of building trust in not only the product, but the person. Her ability to impact the business beyond the sales function is the result of a highly differentiated partnership approach and a focus on valued client services that consistently yields to high client retention. 

Throughout her career, she has amassed vast experience and significant involvement in all aspects of strategic and operational business planning, implementation and management in global presence, and growing and restructuring environments that lead her to creating a fast-growing, and now industry leading, dental lab platform. 

Kelly’s proven record of hiring, developing, and empowering sales and operational staff and restructuring sales areas to meeting the needs of internal and external customers, while creating a strong track record of consistent sales growth, has identified Kelly as an industry leader respected by all.  She openly embraces what could only be called the beginning of an incredible journey with her team and the new Cadmus Dental Lab.  She takes pride in knowing the service and commitment she has dedicated to the dental community for over a decade, will now be synonymous with her very own Cadmus Dental Lab brand.

One of Cadmus’ founding ideas is to inspire everyone to Find the Why. A simple request, but a request that carries with it an inspiration to dig into the needs of others. Everyone has a driving force behind the decisions they make. family, career, faith, future, or maybe just a really nice car….everyone has a Why.

Kelly’s Why is her three children: Jonathan, Mia, and Alexa. Hailing from a small town in Indiana, Kelly has had to fight to get where she is today. She has faced plenty of adversity along the way, but her ferocious dedication to her children has always been her inspiration to get back up, dust herself off, and get back into the fight. Most would call Kelly a relentless, kind, and loyal force of nature, but she says, “I’m just lucky enough to be called, mom”. Kelly’s adventurous, and sometimes sleep-deprived, outlook on life is inspiring and unstoppable. She’s only a few chapters into writing this epic journey of legend, and there’s no one else she’d want at her side in this story than her handpicked team of heroes.

Kelly Boyd-Rivera
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