Barbara Hodge

Partner and Chief Resource Officer

We rely on “The Press” to give us facts and spread news all in a flurry of information that needs to be prioritized and delivered in the timeliest of fashions.  Decades ago, if you were a member of the press, you’d place a badge or placard in your hat band  with the word “Press”on it to signify your importance whilst on the scene, taking notes and asking questions.

Our Barbara Hodge, Chief Research Officer, wears many hats at Cadmus. Getting her start at the Tampa Tribune, working many desks, wearing many hats, Barbara lends her years of expertise to Cadmus. Whether she’s working on standard procedures, logistics or finance, she knows how to get the job done! Watching her work, tackling assignments with the greatest of ease and efficiency really takes you back to the hustle and bustle of the time crunch deadline before the presses roll!

Barbara is no stranger to the dental lab space, though she did not initially envision herself working in dental. She found a true passion in the mechanics; the technical and clinical elements involved behind a patient’s smile.  She loved the challenge and sought out many different roles in the lab.   A decade-long career caring for customers, leading a sales team, and building out new systems for function and success for the entire lab operation made her a clear choice as a partner-leader at Cadmus Dental Lab.

Barbara’s passion for family goes well beyond her husband and four adult children. She is the self-proclaimed master of birthday celebrations and holiday décor, and brings to the table a literal cheesecake that’s worthy of worship! Weekends are devoted to time with loved-ones, enjoying all that Tampa Bay has to offer; the sunny weather, warm water and cheering for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! Barbara takes pride in not only her dedication to Cadmus, but also the bond she shares with the individuals that she considers herself lucky enough to have worked with in the present and past, adding them to her ever-growing roster of coworker-turned-lifelong-friends. Barbara’s future looks bright as the smiles she works so hard to deliver.

Barbara Signature