Aldo Stanzani

General manager of production

Italian Master Ceramist with an extensive curriculum of master Courses done in Europe and USA in the last 40 years. 

Post graduate in Communication and Organizational courses with successful experience in different fields then the dental, for over 20 years. 

Aldo opened/directed 5 successful laboratories, from boutique to production, in Italy.  Collaborated with several prostodontics and countless Dentists in both continents. 

From 1995 directed these laboratories from USA, on a remote line.

His expertise comprehend educating tech in all the steps of the Laboratory process for both words, traditional and digital.

I am lucky enough to understand and accept if I do not know something and only because of it I can really do something about it

USA citizen, retired High School Football Head Coach, has won Florida State Championships.

Aldo is a team building leader. In his spare time Aldo is also a Music Teacher, a rock lead guitarist and a studio musician, composer, producer for new artist. He co-owns a small Recording Studio in Pescara, Italy.

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